Saturday, 4 June 2016

Ramadhan yaa Ramadhan.

Starting tonight we are going to enter the Holy month of Ramadhan. Wow how quick the time has moving around. The last time, I spent my whole month in Kulim where I was having my industrial training. Dah setahun rupanya aku tinggalkan Kulim tu.

 Yang mana tak ingat niat puasa tu boleh nyanyi sama-sama lagu Raihan ni ye. hihi

This upcoming Ramadhan is so special for me as this might be the last Ramadhan that I will spend as a student! Yes, spending Ramadhan with your family is far much better thing to do, but spending Ramadhan with your friends, especially your housemates is a quite fun thing as well.

I was really enjoyed the last time we spent the iftar together where on that time, we will sit in front of the tv waiting for the azan. As the drama melayu will appear for one hour starting from 7pm, suddenly all of us will become the 'mamat drama'. Tak pernah-pernah nak tengok drama, tapi bila bulan puasa semua duk jadi penganalisis drama melayu depan tv. Haha and that was quite fun though. I hope this year will be as much fun as previous ramadhan memories for all of us.

Honestly, I am not a good person so I hope that I can use this opportunity to be a better person and most importantly a better Muslim. Apart from that, as all the syaitonnnns will go away from my body (hopefully) I also can put extra focus on my FYP! *haha boleh start menangis*.

So I wish all of you a happy and much effective Ramadhan. Assalamualaikum! *MIC DROP*

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