Monday, 9 May 2016

Be proud, be loud.

Recently, I have been reading in twitter about the issue of putting the 'IR', 'future engineer' status at the tweet handle status was regarded as poyo and bajet. The funny part of it is the statement was given by an engineer. haha.

In my opinion, that person yang buat statement tu jadi engineer not because of interest or passion but rather than, I dont know, maybe because she wanted to earn much income? maybe?

I personally enjoyed being an engineering student. yes of course sometimes this engineering field is not that easy and i can say that i am not a good student in engineering as well, but i love to gain the knowledge regarding the engineering scope. I love physics! I love science!

Becoming the engineering student also has made my life better as a person. For example, my friends and I usually will talk about the environment and way to get a better world, a better mentality about the way live their lives. Those are the topics that I believed everyone should be keeping up to.

We just finished a tough game, so my football team and I went to Hakim Lama to get some lunch. Even during the lunch, we were talking about the issues regarding the engineering scope. Ery talked about the Tesla project, Buja told his observation about the wind turbine in Perhentian where he frequently went to and also which I have been learning in my Renewable course class, before this.

Later, that evening, me, Awie alongside his girlfriend, fiqah (yes read this twice, haha) went out together as Awie was getting the diodes (an equipment in electric circuit) from his electrical engineering student girlfriend. So we lepak at Subway at that time (kantoi makan lagi). Even during the time at Subway, all of us were talking about the engineering stuff. yes engineering stuff!

I am not saying that the courses, other than engineering field are not good. Each course has their own special value. We should be enjoying what we are studying, we should love what are we are learning no matter from which background are we from. By that way, we will appreciate the knowledge, the value that we get from the learning process.

I am proud to be a future engineer, even-though I am not a good student. you guys also should be proud of your future occupations. Be proud of being a future teacher, future doctor, future physicist, etc. Be loud, be proud. Jangan riak sudah lah. hihi.


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