Monday, 13 June 2016

Ramen Challenge, Iftar Version.

So few days back, my friends and I decided to take the SPICY RAMEN NOODLE CHALLENGE! IFTAR VERSION! Yes, people keep saying that the ramen were so spicy, hot, hell food etc. Umar has bought like two big packets that consists of five small set of noodle per packet. For RM25 per packets, it was quite expensive actually but I think it is worth a try.

So, is the ramen actually really spicy? Yes, its hot and spicy. But I don't think that it is toooooo damn spicy, you know what I mean. I watched many videos on people eating this stuff before, and I think there were just too much reaction from them. In the scale of 1-10 of spicy, I would go for 8 points! The taste is also unexpectedly delicious. 


Yeah, most of us looked like that, after eating the ramen. HAHAH. So, in conclusion, I think you guys also should try this RAMEN, THAT COME FROM HELL.!! Happy fasting everyone! Buhbyeeee.

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